About Spec R Motorsports

Calgary local tire business return to the community. Web order tires will only charge mins $10 per tires for installation. Our goal is to support any Calgary family who has financial challenges. Spec R picked the top rated durable, snow and ice traction all season tire to face this challenge. We will match any online price to support Calgary economy, but we won’t complete any local individual tire business. Please support local individual business. 

Our priority is ALWAYS a safe and positive experience for our customers.
These are the 5 steps

1. Communication
We will get your tire ready and contact by E-mail or Phone.
Final confirmation with your vehicle, fitment, load & speed rate, and other needs.

2. Set Appointment
We work with your schedule to set appointments
Only 1 customer as a time for health and safety with Covid 19 
Drop off and pick up service is available subject to condition. 

3. Installation
Our goal on full mount and balance is less than 1.5 hr per job.
Additional charges may apply for vehicles with specialty or custom wheel and tire fitments. (We will always notify you of this BEFORE we start the job)

4. Clients service
Please let us know what we can do to further improve your experience

5. Refund policy
Full refund if we cannot provide an inventory or tire upgrade program.
(If website error) Prices are subject to change at any time or a full refund.