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"R-Compound" Tires:

For drivers that want the ultimate in dry weather grip the answer is the "R-Compound" tire. These tires have sticky heat-resilient rubber compounds similar to a racing slick packaged into a design that the Department of Transportation (DOT) approves for use on passenger vehicles.

(Dry) Street-Friendly Tires

For drivers that plan on driving short distances to and from the track a few manufacturers make more resilient tires using less radical rubber compounds and more street-friendly tread designs. Despite the manufacturers mentioning these tires being safe for street use conditions like temperatures below 7 Deg.C and wet surfaces are to avoided when using these. There really is never any free lunch!

Our favorite tire in this group is the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. Available in a multitude of sizes from 15" to 21" the Trofeo R and (its predecessor Trofeo) were designed from the start as a dual-purpose street and track tire. As a retailer of Pirelli products Spec R Motorsports has access to these specialized tires.

Track-Only Tires

Despite carrying DOT approval, tires in this category are NOT recommended for street use at all! With lighter construction and fast-wearing compounds, these tires are designed purely for track use. The ideal operating temperature for tires in this group (over 90 Deg.C) means that it is impossible to (responsibly) use them to their full potential off a race track, also they cannot be stored or driven on in freezing temperatures.

What they CAN give you though is either the biggest grin or grimace on your face as they develop massive traction when used correctly. The difference in grip between even the best Extreme Performance street tire and the best R-Compound is staggering.

A long-time staple of the autocross, road racing and lapping communities the Nitto NT01 offers a great balance of durability, speed and price and comes in a large selection of sizes. This is often our recommendation as a first race-only tire for enthusiasts.

Since 1991 Toyo Tires has been engineering and manufacturing R-compound tires for a variety of vehicles. Countless mileage logged and numerous racing championships have allowed them to develop their range of R-Compound tires to a very high level. The latest tire in their lineup is the R888R, is a highly anticipated tire that is slated to provide the highest levels of dry traction in a tire with some wet-weather capability.

One of the big advantages with choosing Toyo is their unprecedented Racer Program that allows users of their racing tires (you don't have to actually race) to receive a significant discount on the tires. Spec R Motorsports is the Calgary and area distributor for Toyo racing tires and your local point of contact for information or ordering.

To find out more about any of the racing tires or the Toyo Racer Program contact us!

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