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This is a workplace of passionate drivers that work and polish their skills to provide a high standard of products and service to our clients. Our team works and runs the shop in a style similar to Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Every day we focus on Safety, Learning, Development, Teamwork, and Detail. Moreover.

We encourage and support each coworker to keep learning and take challenges to develop our passions in Motorsports.

This is why we call ourselves: “Spec R Motorsports”

If you share the same passions & goals, and want to join the team, let us know at

Kyle. H

Team Leader

Track Devil

-Leads the teamwork

-Develops positive experience 

-Passes Porsches with his Honda

-Speaks Chinglish fluently

Jameson. C

Product Specialist

Track Teddy-Bear

-Shipping & Recieving

-Schedule & Accounting

-Teddy Bear Driver/Porsche Coach?

-Loves badminton and money

Alex. S

Shop Technician

Track Genius

-Shop handy man

-Encyclopedia Honda +Nissan FanBoy

-Addicted to lowered cars

-Likes fishing (Nickname "Fishy")

Sami. V

General Trainee

Track Slow-Boi

- AMG program student at SAIT

- Subaru fanboy

- Car so loud and still slow

- Shows off cool Porsches on IG

Cole. M

Team Manager

Track Jesus

-Always pushes the limits

-At Spec R for over 6 years

-Driving at track for over 8 years

-Too shy and nice for 30 years

Martin. C

IT / Website Dev

Track Baby

-Provide webservice for customer

-Use technology to speed up process

-Coding+ Skill but no track skill

-Love lunch and gaming

Orion. W


Track Virgin

-First job as Spec R

-First mechanical license in 2025

-First track at Castrol raceway

-First car as Honda(Porsche?)

Julien. M

Media Expert

Track Giant

-Thinks his VW is a porsche

-Highschool student

-Adobe specialist

-Slow car aficionado

Huy. N

Product Specialist

Track Angel

-Fitment & Performance Parts

-Loves Volkswagen+Honda

-Blocks Porsches on track

-Modifies too much & still slow

Alex. C

Chief Technician

Track Papa

-10+ year mechanical experience

-Trains King-Kong, Track Virgin

-Expert in YYC dodgeball

-Translates Kyles Chinglish

Denney. E


Track King-Kong

-Enjoy mountain off road with Toyota

-Eat, gym, shop and track

-Play with Porsche with Wagon 

-Don't like to talk loud

Reserved for team member thankyou section

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