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CTR Area 27


It all started when the founder (Kyle) at a young age tried to learn how to be fast on the street. He says he was confused how the wall hit his car. After visiting the body shop, the owner (Arthur Tam) Introduced Kyle to Motorsports, at Race City in Calgary. Heeding Arthurs advice, Kyle took his first High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) school, and began competing in the sport. Later on, he became an HPDE instructor. 

A well rounded driver needs to understand the tires just as much as the car, Kyle understood this and began to educate his fellow drivers on tires, and help them pick out the right ones. This hobby eventually led him to open his own tire business. Kyle’s passion continued to grow the business. Over 10 years later, Race City is now long gone, but Spec R Motorsports has grown into a fully licensed Mechanical shop serving the YYC community.


To expand our team’s passion and develop new techniques to understand our clients, provide our team and clients with a positive experience, and promote Motorsports to develop positive techniques & attitudes to enjoy driving on the street & at the track. 

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