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About Spec R Motorsports

Spec R Motorsports exists to provide consumers with the most positive experience while taking care of their wheel and tire needs. Since 2011 we have served Calgary and surrounding areas with quality wheel and tire sales, and professional installation.


The Spec R Difference

Our priority is ALWAYS a positive experience for our customers.


Spec R “Pit-Stop” Philosophy

Our “Pit-Stop” philosophy for service is rooted in our motor sport beginnings and passion. We believe in doing every job with diligence and efficiently in a timely manner. For the customer this means every appointment time is honored and handled as time-critical with our skilled technicians completing a full mount and balance in less than one hour for most vehicles, and less than 30 minutes for a wheel swap.


Knowledgeable Staff & Professional Equipment

Our technicians are trained to take the utmost care with your property, from using plastic covered sockets to hand torquing all wheel bolts and nuts to manufacturer recommendations using professional-grade Snap-On torque wrenches. All mounting is done using an industry-leading Corghi Master touch less mounting machine ensures your wheels are handled with the utmost care, avoiding scratches and other damage. Our top of the line Hunter Road Force machine allows us to accurately balance your wheels after installation to ensure that your vehicle travels smoothly down the road.

Extensive supplier relations ensures that Spec R can provide year-round tire and wheel products and services for the following vehicles:

  • Passenger car – 12” to 26” diameter wheels and tires

  • Sports car and exotic car: Includes Run-flat and low-profile tires

  • Light truck, SUV and Van: Includes LT and over-sized off-road tires.

  • Competition vehicles – Road course, drag, drift.

It is our responsibility to communicate with you, the customer, in order to understand your driving habits, and allow us to help you to pick the right tires to suit your car, and your driving style, and allow you to maximize the grip that you need to be safe on the road. 

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