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Northern Alberta Sport Car Club (Jan - Feb 2023)

Event: Ice Race School @ Roy Lake  

After years of struggle and broken cars and broken cars we finally helped Ben complete a whole season of ice racing! Long travel time, blizzards, and cold weather did not stop us! Cole traveled all around Northern Alberta with Ben and provided support and cheered him on at every event, helping him and his car to finish the entire series. He only lost his bumper 1 time! Kyle volunteered his time to be an Instructor at the NASCC winter driving school. He worked with new drivers to improve their winter driving, and provide skills to improve safety on the track, and on public roads. Thanks to Jed, Linda, Matt, Andy, and all of the NASCC Organizers and Volunteers for making the season a success, and also appreciate the push for Women in Motorsport

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Album: "Highlight of the race"


Calgary Sports Car Club (Jan - March 2023)

Event: Winter Autocross @ Rocky Mountain Motorsports

New for 2023, the Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC) hosted the first Winter Autocross event at Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM). It is the first Winter Autocross event in Calgary since the Race City days - over 10 years ago! Cole assisted in course set-up, and Kyle designed the drive-through registration and check in system. He was also practicing his career as an uber driver, taking new people around the block to show them the ropes. Our teammates Denney, Sami, Julien, and Kiefer also got their first taste of performance driving on loose surfaces, and getting their cars dirty… and our boy Track Jesus was nice enough to let Mark Terrio-Cameron beat him in in the final event, and therefore allow his co-driver Rob Jackett to finish first in the class, and TJ second!... But at the same time, TJ finished ahead of Rob in overall... Math is crazy sometimes!

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Video: "Track video" & Album: "From"

Calgary Sport Car Club (Sept 2022)

Event: Lapping Sunday @ Rocky Mountian Motorsports

We supported the first CSCC lapping day @ RMM - Also the first CSCC lapping event since the Race City days. Kyle worked with Stuart and David to organize the event. He also worked as an UBER driver, bringing passengers to learn all the 16 Turns. Cole helped the mentor team, and looked after Julien on his first track day ← He not a Track Virgin anymore! We reunited with a lot of old friends from lapping @ Race City. It was a full house and no incidents. Good Job Stuart & David! Happy to see CSCC hosting a lapping event for the members again, Looking forward to more CSCC events in 2023 and beyond! Thanks track Mentors - Micky, Bryan, Sean, Terence, Vaheed, Dave, and Stuart

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Video: "Julien First Time"  & Album: "From"

Strawberry Creek Raceway (Sep 2021)

Event: HPDE Program @ Stawberry Creek

Kyle and team ran the first testing High Performance Driving day at Strawberry Creek. Kyle designed the program, Cole volunteered his time to help to set up the slalom, and threshold braking exercises, and also provided instruction. Strawberry Creek Raceway’s full course is 4.0 KM, with 19 turns, and it can run both directions. This means we can learn 38 turns! In addition, this track has multiple layouts, so we can divide the track to 3 different sections. This allows us to run multiple exercises at the same time, including Slalom, threshold braking, cornering and elevation sessions to develop driving techniques. Thanks Jay, the owner, for allowing us to run a testing event on your track with 18 drivers. Our goal is to develop a program for drivers to enjoy Motorsports.

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Video: "Ryan's Lap of Strawberry Creek"

August Luxury Motorcars (Aug 2021)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27

Kyle and Cole made the trip out to Area 27 once again in 2021 to support our YYC driving friends, the instructor team, and to learn the track even more! (Can’t get enough seat time at Area 27). This year, we also brought along our co-worker Orion for the first time! The challenge this year was the weather… The smoke in the air was burning our eyes, and it was HOT HOT HOT!! Over 40°c outside! Every wheel, tire, and bolt was hot to the touch. It was tough to work outside for any length of time, we had to stop every 5 minutes to hide in the shade and drink a bottle of water. Thanks Track Junkies once again for providing your trailer service, and allowing us to hide inside the trailer from the sun. Every car would start to overheat after a few hot laps on the track, so the drivers had to turn on the heat full blast and roll the windows down to keep the engine cool….. Except for the Porsches!! And they could use the AC! How do they do that!? Once again, Thank you to August Luxury Motorcars for throwing these awesome events every year!

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Video: "Porsche Takeover at the track", "Track Video"

Album: "Facebook Album"

Calgary Exotic Auto Guild (July 2022)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27 & VIMC

The CEAG put on a wild track season for the members! The team was so happy for the opportunity, and also so proud of the club to step up to hosting events at Area 27, and also Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC). We got to learn on both tracks in one trip! For the BC trip, Spec R rented a U-Haul van, and used it to help over 15 drivers by transporting their tires and equipment. Area 27 was VERY HOT, and Track Jesus is not made for changing tires in the hot weather. Fortunately, we had a chance to cool down on the Ferry to Vancouver Island before the next track day… Unfortunately, the weather at the VIMC was VERY HOT again!! v_v In addition, because of CEAG and their hard work, we also had the opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM) for the first time ever, and learn the track! Our new local driving playground! CEAG also gave us the opportunity to learn Rad Torque Raceway at NIGHT in the DARK! This experience is a true test of our muscle memory, because there are no lights on the course! Only the high beams from all the cars! Good Training Congratulations to teammate Denney (Track King Kong) for completing 5 tracks in Alberta and BC, and doing it in only 3 months!! He went to all of the courses above, plus Strawberry Creek - (Very few people in Alberta have been able to do that) There will be many more track days to visit in 2023. Hopefully we can do enough pushups to get ready

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Album: "Track Day"

Area 27: ""

VIMC: ""

August Luxury Motorcars (June 2020)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27

COVID-19 came into our lives in 2020, but that did not stop us! Since driving is a non-contact sport, can keep our distance to protect each other. If you have a balaclava then do you need a mask or always keep the helmet on? Our team made it back to Area 27, and this time we brought more new virgins from Alberta to learn the elevations and 16 high-speed turns at the track. This time, Kyle teamed up with Cole (TJ) to experience the August Luxury Motorcars event for the first time, and learn the track in the Type R! He also provided support for the YYC drivers at the track. Our friend Wayne also came to capture video footage of the day and create memories for everyone. Thanks Wayne!

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Video: "Spec R at Track"

Calgary Speeder Addicts (March 2020)

Event: CSA Tournaments @ Calgary Speeders Indoor ProKarts

In event 2, we went big! We had 48 racers join this tournament. Our Spec R team volunteered for the CSA team for tasks including registration, timing, setting up the groups after qualifying, support for each run group, marshaling, point calculation, media, and waving the Checkered flag. We also had the opportunity to race with our neighbor “VS One Automotive”, and our friends from “Yokohama Tire Canada” - Motorsports is a great way to bring people together!! Special thanks to Yokohama Tires and RedBull Energy for supporting the prizes for all the participants.

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Video: "Race Highlights" & Album: "Event 2 Photos from Anett"

VS One Automotive: ""

Yokohama Tire Canada: ""

Calgary Speeder Addicts (Dec 2019)

Event:  CSA Tournaments @ Calgary Speeders Indoor ProKarts 

Thank you Brandon, General Manager at Speeders, for giving us the opportunity to host a Calgary Speeders Addicts (CSA) Grand-Prix style wheel to wheel race together. We had 36 great drivers attend our event, including some of our best local drivers from the Autocross, Time Attack, Rally, and Road Racing communities, as well as some of the top drivers on the Speeders leaderboard. Allen Berg (Canadian F1 driver) and his son Alex also came to participate! Unfortunately, at the end our leader Kyle got a penalty in the following race for being 1st place! Up until now, we still have no idea how many snacks Kyle bribed the other participants for letting him win the championship. Allen Berg Racing Schools (ABRS) was originally based in Race City at YYC, but they are now also established in Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta & Virginia International Raceway.

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Video: "Race Highlights"  & Album: "Event 1 Photo from Anett"

Allen Berg Racing Schools: ""

August Luxury Motorcars (Aug 2019)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27

This is the first year that the drivers got to enjoy the new clubhouse, restaurant, indoor washroom at the A27. Our frail YYC skin is not used to the 30°c plus heat in Oliver BC, so we certainly appreciated the air conditioning in the new building! August Luxury Motorcars also stepped up the party this year, with energetic music and an autocross course for the drivers to enjoy between track sessions. There is no competition on the track, but autocross is where all the competition is! It’s like a nightclub except instead of at night time it's during the day, and instead of Martini drinks you can see a Martini-themed Porsche 911! We also learned from August Luxury Motorcars the importance of creating our own memories at the track, so we created videos from our time at the track to share with everyone Thanks to August Luxury Motorcars for putting on these events, and for giving us the opportunity to continue to learn the amazing track at Area 27.

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Video: "Porsche Takeover at the track"

August Luxury Motorcars (Aug 2018)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27

Spec R team was back again to British Columbia! This time, we brought even more of our driving friends from Alberta, as we had more drivers with us this time! A white 911 Turbo S, gray 911 Turbo Convertible, 2 Cayman GT4’s (a blue one and yellow), and a gray 911 GT3 RS. Can you find them all in the video? Our tracks back home in Alberta are tight and technical, so our Alberta drivers love the wide and flowing turns that Area 27 provides! We feel like exchange students in a university exchange program, traveling to enjoy the “track studies” with the local students. Thank you BC drivers for being so friendly! This is in BC, but how many cars do you see on the track with no front plate? Thanks to Track Junkies for providing your towing service for the event, and helping to support the drivers on the track day. As well as August Luxury Motorcars for continuing to run such a great event for us to all enjoy!

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Video: "Porsche Takeover at the track" & Album: "Facebook Album"

August Luxury Motorcars (Aug 2017)

Event: Track Day @ Area 27

We went to Area 27 for the first time in 2017, the same year of the course’s "official" grand opening. Kyle was just a tire boy and he helped Paul T to transport tires to the track. Thanks to Stefan Rzaziski, Kyle got to drive a session to test the tire setup for Paul’s 911 Turbo S. It was a great way to learn the track! Steffan is a Pro Racer & Instructor at Area27, who was originally from Alberta and worked with Kyle at Race City. Every year since then, we invite a group of drivers from YYC to travel to Area 27 to attend the August Luxury Motorcars events. Every year we are supporting our YYC clients at the track, and also have the opportunity to support the instructor team while also learning the track.

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Videos: "Track day" Album: "Highlight of the track days"

SASC Winter Driver Training (Winter 2014)

Event: Winter Driver Training @ Ghost Lake

All 150 spots through 5 SASC winter driving events sold out the first day. It was great to see more families get their husbands, wives, kids and even grandparents to join in. We allowed instructors to give a Taxi ride for all the students at the end of the session to show them what real driving is all about. Kyle teamed up with Miles to organize and run an event to support the PCA Wild Rose division. It was -40 on March 3!! Big Thanks to the team: Kevin L, David G, Miles M, Johnny S, Keme K, Andrew P, Alex C, Ryan W, Orrin M, Chris C, Aryssa L, Simon K, Chris S, Jay P, Winson D and more !!!! Thanks Lisa Qiu for encouraging Kyle to take on the challenge! PS: Without dealing with Reijo, everything is not a problem.

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Video: "Training Highlight"  & Album: "Training Photos from FB"

SASC Winter Driver Training (Winter 2013)

Event: Winter Driver Training @ Ghost Lake

Jr. Spec R team Kyle and Alex C worked to support SASC Winter Driver Training. It was Kyle’s first time working as an organizer creating a program that focused on the general public. Kyle also invited all race drivers from the track to help with instruction and share driving tips to other drivers. Alex C was a track helper driving and drifting around to look after all the cones. Every event had only 30 spots and was always sold out. Kyle will never forget to say “Good Morning” 60 times in a day for all of the drivers.

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Video: "Training Highlight"

Album:  "Part 1 Highlight From Ian", "Part 2 Highlight From Ian"

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