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Hankook RS1

Pilot sport 4s

This is the first step to experiencing summer high-performance tires.

This tire was developed in Australia by Bridgestone and was sold as the RE003. In North America, it is under the brand Firestone, therefore you are getting Bridgestone technology with Firestone price. If you are planning to daily drive, autocross, and or Level 1 Track Days, we suggest this tire be the first you use to experience the UHP category as these tires can take a lot of heat and are durable while being inexpensive. The Indy 500 is a good driver development tire as we have 3 years of experience with them and with other drivers' positive reviews as well.


For Driver Development

A consistent tire is recommended as it will allow you to work with the tires and work with the car. These tires provided feedback that will help the driver find the limit of grip and maintain it throughout sessions on the track. If the driver attempts to over-drive the Indy 500, instead of the tires overheating, the grip will slowly decrease instead of melting and becoming unusable. After you master these tires, your next step (Level 2) will be the Hankook Ventus RS4.


The average cornering G-force (0.96 Lateral G’s) for the Firestone Indy 500 is higher than competing UHP Summer tires. Usually, we see the Hankook Ventus RS4 (0.98 Lateral G’s) are 2 seconds faster at the track (Level 2 tire). The Indy 500 is a 340 UTQG tire and can average around 30,000km and can be subjected to on-road conditions as well.



With strong inventory across Canada and the United States and a variety of sizes available vs ( Yokohama V701, Nitto NT 555G2) this tire is very versatile with different vehicle setups. Moreover, its value and performance are why we suggest it for drivers going into Lapping Days, Autocross, and HPDE. (Level 1)


Firestone Firehawk Indy 500
(High-Performance Summer) Unbeatable price to performance for the track and HPDE.

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