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Hankook RS1

Pilot sport 4s

Hankook Ventus RS4
(Extreme Performance Summer) for the track, Driver developing Lapping Day, and Endurance. HPDE.

Hankook Ventus RS4 is the No 1 choice on driver development tires

The RS4 is a summer tire tuned in Extreme Performance categories for drivers from Track, HPDE, and also an official tire for Endurance racing. It will take a few laps to heat up and once within the operating temperature range, it will maintain consistent contact with the ground for a long time. Therefore it is not the first choice because it will take a little longer to heat up but for daily driving, it is perfect as you will not pick up every rock and debris on the street.


 Consistency and Durability

  • Why is this tire recommended for driver development?


Every tire has an optimum temperature for the best grip and wear. Over-driving tires mean that once you are past the limit of grip, the tires will say “Nope!” therefore the tires will no longer provide the traction needed. With other tires (A052, RE71R & RT660_, they may provide you with great traction for a few laps, but once past the tires threshold, the compound of the tire is essentially melting, providing inadequate traction with increased wear. As an official endurance tire, the RS4 provides consistency throughout the temperature range of the tire from grip to durability. A set of RS4 tires can finish a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 hours in the Endurance world.


Why is the Ventus RS4 considered the go-to tire for Driver Development and HPDE events?

For Driver Development, a consistent tire is recommended as it will allow you to work with the tires and work with the car. These tires provided feedback that will help the driver to find the limit of grip and maintain it throughout sessions on the track. If the driver attempted to over-drive, the RS4 will slowly decrease the grip instead of melting. Therefore, once a driver masters these tires, they will do well on the other more aggressive tires (A052, RE-71R, and RT-660). We recommend drivers to learn and practice with the Ventus RS4 as it will aid the driver in improving their track techniques and understanding the limitations of the vehicle. A fun fact is that in Endurance Racing, after 100 - 200 laps, some drivers have pulled the lap times with these tires showing how consistent these tires are. If you can use the RS4 to keep up with (A052, RE-71R, and RT660), you have the master of vehicle control skills.

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