In Motorsport, you need a good car, a skilled crew, and great equipmentto be successful. Our shop uses the top of the line Corghi Artiglio Master tire machine, Hunter Road Force balancing machine, and premium-grade Snap On torque wrenches with rubber wheel socket to protect your wheels.


Our tire installation skills have continuously been refined through mounting and balancing countless tires for competition vehicles, as well as high end vehicles which often run low profile, run flat, or stretched tires.

Corghi Artiglio Master 26
Corghi Artiglio Master 26

Our top-of-the-line tire machine allows us to mount and dismount even the most difficult of tires in a timely fashion.

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Hunter Road Force Touch
Hunter Road Force Touch

Our state-of-the-art wheel balancing machine allows us to precisely balance your wheels to ensure your car is free of vibrations as you drive down the road.

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Our crew takes extra care to securely lift your vehicle and remove your wheels and avoid any damage to your vehicle.


Our state of the art Touchless machine will not make contact with your rims, thus avoiding any damage


Our top of the line road force machine allows us to accurately balance your wheels after installation to ensure that your vehicle travels smoothly down the road.


It is our standard practice to hand-torque each wheel using traditional torque wrenches, and inflate tires exactly to factory specificationsafter each tire install.

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